Aguardiente blanco
Aguardiente blanco

Aged liquor

Martín Códax Orujo is liquor obtained from the distillation of the pomace of the grape. It is an exclusive, transparent and healthy spirit obtained from Albariño grape by simple distillation. Its name comes from the expression “aguardiente de orujo” (pomace eau-de-vie)

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Tasting notes

Visual Step

Brilliant and clear with a toasted amber colour, presenting an exceptional appearance.

Olfactory Step

Intense aromas, emphasizing its finesse and frank nuances derived from the Albariño grape and its natural ageing. Harmonious, full bouquet with vanilla, apple, herbal and caramel.

Gustatory Step

Initial pleasurable warmth on the palate, finishing with woody and Albariño flavours


  • D.O.: Augardentes e licores tradicionais de Galicia
  • Wine type: Aguardiente
  • Alcoholic proof: 42º


  • Distinción Gallaecia 2010
  • Medalla de plata en la Guía de Destilados, Vinos y Bodegas de Galicia
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