The soil

In the appellation of Rías Baixas, most of vineyards are situated in close proximity to the sea. The soils are low-lying and are very deep, reaching at most 300 meters above sea level. This situation makes sandy and mineral lands, especially granitics and acids, which gives the wine a little hint of saltiness.

Viñedos y mar

Albariño grape

Albariño is the main grape of the appellation and one of the most known of Galicia. Its bunches and berries are small and they don’t exceed of 125 grams of weight, allowing for an early ripening. It is a sweet and lingering grape, with high levels of sugar and acidity which give the wines an amazing freshness. Traditionally cultivated in “emparrado”, it is one of the main symbols of Galicia.

However, the appellation has others varietals too, whites and reds. Among the white grapes, treixadura, caíño blanco and loureira varietals stand out.


The climate

Rías Baixas’ climate has an Atlantic influence with cool temperatures and quite a lot of precipitations which decreases in summer time. The average temperature in winter is about 10ºC and there is only a little difference between the day and night. Precipitations are around the 1200 ml. per year.