Learning and enjoying tasting: other senses.

Wednesday July 4th, 2012

Wine world for everybody.

Wine world for everybody.

In this new post of Learning and enjoying tasting, we are going to learn that not only the smell, the sight and the taste take part in a tasting but the sound and the touch does.

The sense of touch is one of the other different senses that take part in the tasting thanks to nerve endings on our tongue and lips.


The astringency is the dry and sharp sensation that can be felt in the mouth because of the wine tannins and the coloring substances.

The aguja is the Spanish term used to describe the slight pinpricks on the palate produced by wines containing carbon dioxide.

Sound can also has a part to play wine tasting, especially in the sparkling wines whose effervescence gives us information about the bubbles quality.

In the next number, we will write about other curiosities about senses.

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