Yayo Daporta Interview

Friday September 2nd, 2011

"The most important revolution in the culinary sector is taking place in Galicia"

"The most important revolution in the culinary sector is taking place in Galicia"


Four months working in “Casa Solla”. Three months working months with his great friend “Alejandro” in Almería. And nearly a year working in “El Amparo” in Madrid. But at the end he decided to open his own restaurant. We’re talking about Yayo Daporta.


You’ve grown up in the heart of a family devoted to the farming of selfish and seafood. How have your roots influenced your passion for the cuisine?

My roots have not made me to devote myself to the cuisine, but they have really influence my way of cooking. I consider myself a chef of products. I mean, a chef that does his utmost to emphasize all our region products and its great quality.


After having studied in the Culinary School of Santiago de Compostela you’ve also been working in different world renowned restaurants. What period of your career has really marked you and why?

Without doubts, the opportunity of working together with Carlos Posadas in El Amparo Restaurant has marked my entire career. It was my first job and the opportunity to know all the different departments in a big cuisine. Today, I still identify myself with the way of cooking and the cuisine of Carlos.


Finally, you’ve decided to open your own restaurant. Your cuisine is defined as “Modern Galician Cuisine”. Could you explain what this definition means for you? What do you think the Galician consumers think about this new style of cooking?

This definition is used for describing the traditional Galician cuisine which has been revised and adapted to the new methods we have for cooking nowadays. We adjust cooking times. We introduce influences from other kinds of cuisines for making ours even better, but we can never lose the traditional style. 


You are one of the Galician chefs that has a Michelin star. What does this recognition mean for you?

When your job is recognized at any level, it is the most important thing that can happen to you.  And being recognized by such an important guide is fantastic. However, I think that all prices and recognitions have to be the consequence. They should never be the objective.


What do you think are the current challenges in the gastronomic sector?

The most important challenge we have in Galicia is being able to defend our gastronomy beyond the products. We are really lucky because all our raw materials have a great quality. We want to place the Galician cuisine where it deserves. At the same level as the Basque or Catalonian cuisine. In fact, I think the most important revolution in the gastronomic sector is taking place in Galicia.


You’ve tasted our wines in many different occasions. What is your favorite?  And, for you, what would be the perfect place to enjoy it?

It is not a secret that I’m a real lover of your wines. And personally I like very much “Martín Códax Lías” and “Gallaecia”. Martín Códax Lías emphasizes the saltiness notes of our seafood and “Gallaecia” is an incredible surprise.

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