Friday December 16th, 2016

(Español) Mejora del cultivo de la vid frente al cambio climático

(Español) Mejora del cultivo de la vid frente al cambio climático



This project investigates how to improve the vine growing against climate change with new technologies and innovative techniques

  • The CDTI -Spanish Business and Technology Office- approves the consortium Project R+D GLOVALVITI with an initial investment of 8.8 million euros.
  • 8 partners participate, including some of the most important wineries and companies of the wine industry in Spain, and 13 research organizations.
  • This initiative will employ more than 165 professionals in the wine industry. 37 of them are new direct jobs.


16th December, 2016.- At the meeting took place on November, 30th 2016, the CDTI Board of Directors approved the Project R+ D GLOBALVITI “Global solution to improve the wine production against climate change, based on robotics, TI technology, biotechnology, and vineyard management strategies” within the framework of the Strategic Program of Consortia of National Business Research (CIEN)

This Project has been one of the 16 projects selected by the CDTI  under the CIEN program whose purpose is to support large projects for the experimental development in strategic areas and with potential international projection.

The aim of GLOBALVITI Project, which will be carried out over the next four years with an investment of 8.8 million euros, is to place the Spanish wine industry as a world reference in the search for solutions and the implementation of innovative techniques in relation to wood diseases, the integral management in vineyards and vinification in the context of climate change.  This proposal includes the application of IoT (Internet of the things) technologies and Big data that will facilitate the digital transition of the Spanish wineries and its technological start.

Diseases of wood are considered as the phylloxera of the 21st century. They currently generate an annual cost in vine replanting of more than 1,100 million euros. In Spain, it is estimated an average between 3% and 20% of affected plants, thus causing very high economic losses.

GLOBALVITI is formed by a national wine consortium of eight partners – some of them are the most important wineries and companies in the wine industry. It is led by Bodegas Torres and other partners also participate –  Bodegas Pago de Carraovejas, Bodegas Ramón Bilbao, Juvé y Camps, Bodegas Martín Códax, Grupo Hispatec, Pellenc Ibérica and Viveros Villanueva Vides.


In addition, thirteen national research groups from 6 regions and leading researchers, both Spanish and Canadian, Australian, and French institutions participate together with the above companies.

GLOBALVITI Project plans to create 37 direct jobs and 51 indirect jobs, by joining to a multidiscipline team more than 165 professionals in the wine industry, 60 of them women (36%). It also plans to activate a global induced investment the will exceed 4,000,000 milion euros in the period 2021-2024.

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