Marcos Torres’ serigraphy

Thursday June 26th, 2014

Bodegas Martín Códax presents Marcos Torres' artistic serigraphy.

Once again, the winery becomes a place for art. This summer Marcos Torres’ artistic serigraphy will be placed in our barrel tunel so visitors will be able to enjoy it.
It is an exhibition with three exclusive and new pieces added to a seleccion of ten ot his most popular prints.
Marcos Torres’ work has an impressive visual narrative, with a strong color influenced by the music, cinema, comics and Pop mitology.


The review written by the journalist Blanca Lacasa is the one which better describes Marcos Torres’ work:
“If Marcos Torres’ work was music, it will be pure sixties phychedelia. If it was a colour, would be the one stopping rain. If it was a touch, it would be the velvet used to wrap the cases of good guitars. It it was a pair of shoes, would be one of blue suede. And if it was a character, it would be probably written by Ian Fleming”
Marcos Torres started his career as independent artist ten years ago. He works not only prints, but also t-shirts, records, books, museums and even credits for films.
He has presented his work in Ibiza, Madrid, Santiago, Castellón, Palma, León, Brighton, London, Stuttgart or Copenhague and has been the protagonist of several articles in popular national magazines and journals.
Torres got the “Best new national artist” Pop Eye Award in november of 2011, the “Best plastic artist” Onda Cero Award in march of 2012 and some os his pieces were sold at auction in Christie’s.

Bodegas Martín Códax presents Marcos Torres' artistic serigraphy.