IV Martín Códax Music Awards

Wednesday February 15th, 2017

One more time, the Galician music industry will reward the best musical works and artists.

 Once again, we speak of great participation success in the Martin Códax Music Awards, convened, last February, by the Association Músicos ao Vivo. This fourth edition, in which could not participate the 2016 awarded contestants, reckons on 449 projects registered.

Among the 16 categories, which show the big diversity of music styles produced in Galicia, rock is, once again, the one which shows the stronger participation with 69 projects registered, followed by the pop/indie category with 47 projects, and the songwrither one  with 39.

The Organistrum awards  which reward the Best Venue, the Best Festival and the Best Musical Communication Space, has also  enjoyed great success with 17, 24 and 21 entries respectively.

From now on, and until March 26, the Association Músicos ao Vivo members will vote, via the awards website to choose three finalists for each existing category. We will know who they are publicly, in the already classic nominees party we celebrate at the winery, which will take place on April 6.

After this gathering, the professional jury, a new feature of this year’s edition, will be the one in charge of deciding who will be rewarded with the Victor Lorenzo’s Melómanos (small wooden sculptures used to reward the winners).  Thus, a journalist, a venue manager, a musical industry representative, another one from music education and finally, three musicians will be the ones to decide the winners.

The die is cast ! The big Galician music party will be on May 3, and as usual, it will take place in the Pazo de la Cultura de Pontevedra, with a gala which will again be presented by the theater company A Panadería.

If you make music in Galicia, these are your awards !

One more time, the Galician music industry will reward the best musical works and artists.