Outono Códax Festival 2016

Thursday September 29th, 2016

The Outono Códax celebrates this year its sixth edition with two of the greatest voices of soul, Lee Fields and Martha High.

Martha High_copyright Philippe LEVY-STAB_outono_codax


The new Outono Códax Festival comes to Santiago de Compostela next October with changes in its organisation. This year, lovers of soul music and rythm&blues will enjoy not 3 but 6 shows at the usual Sala Capitol as well as in a new one, the Sala Riquela which will also set a stage for these mandatory shows in the galician capital city.

The Northamerican soulman Lee Fields, James Brown’s artistic partner, Marta High and the best rhythm&blues British band of all times, The Pretty Things, will be the ones to highlight some of the best moments of this sixth edition.

In addition to them, other international great singers such as : Luke Winsly King, one of the most respected voices of the new New Orleans traditionalist sounds, and Virginia Brown and The Shameless, an explosion of energy and dancing to the mambo, rumba, stroll and boggie rhythms.

Speaking about national referents, the Outono Códax opens its doors to the Catalans Wax&Boggie and the Asturians Trash-Tornados, along with the Galicians The Hellbuckers and Andrea and The Black Cats, devoted to their support to music done in Galicia.

After the shows, do not forget to stay to the already traditional festival allnighters !

To this ambitious musical agenda, is joined the exhibition « Rocker, a spirit’s portrait », from the catalan photographer Antonio Alay, who offers his vision of the rockabilly culture and the classic rock’n roll lovers. A showing which will stay open between October 28 and November 15 in the Fundación Granell.

If you do not want to miss this festival, you can already buy your tickets on www.salacapitol.com y www.ticketea.com, or you can also get the direct passport for free, “Rock’nporte”, with drinks and purchases in the almost 100 collaborating establishments.


  • Friday, October 7: Lee Fields and The Expressions + The Hellbuckers. (Sala Capitol)
  • Saturday, October 8: Wax&Boggie. (Sala Riquela)
  • Friday, October 28: Trash-Tornados. (Sala Riquela)
  • Saturday, October 29: Martha High and band + Virgina Brown and The Shameless. (Sala Capitol)
  • Friday, November 11: Andhrea and The Black Cats. (Sala Riquela)
  • Saturday, November 12: The Pretty Things + Luke Winslow King. (Sala Capitol)


The Outono Códax celebrates this year its sixth edition with two of the greatest voices of soul, Lee Fields and Martha High.